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Forensic Interviews

Forensic interviews are conducted by the highly trained staff of The Children's Advocacy Center of Butler County. A forensic interview is a structured conversation that is non-leading in nature and is designed to elicit details about a child's experience. 

Each interview is observed by members of the child's investigative team through a one-way mirror. Children rarely interact with the team members. All children and caregivers meet their team prior to the start of an interview.

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***Please note that forensic interviews are completed by referral only and are not available per request.***


Child Human Trafficking

The Human Trafficking Taskforce of Butler County is dedicated to combating human trafficking by providing individualized survivor care, long term stability, and the pursuit of justice to minors and adults affected by human trafficking through agency collaboration, education, and community connection.

As a member of the Human Trafficking Taskforce of Butler County, the Human Trafficking Coordinator is committed to:

  • Conducting Child Victim of Human Trafficking Assessments (CVHT) and case tracking.

  • Participating in Special Multidisciplinary Investigative Team (MDIT) meetings.

  • Connecting families, victims, and the community with appropriate resources.

  • Collaborating with Children and Youth Services (CYS), law enforcement agencies, mental health providers, residential treatment facilities, drug and alcohol, and juvenile probation.


Medical Consultations

When there is a concern or report of sexual or physical abuse, children deserve to be cared for by a medical professional with expertise in this area. The Children's Advocacy Center of Butler County provides these specialized services to children.  Through a partnership with A Child's Place, in Allegheny County, children have access to specially trained Pediatric medical professionals on site. The medical consultation is a trauma-informed, non-invasive assessment that is patient and caregiver driven. 

Medical consultations are offered to every child who receives services at our Center.  Our Center provides non-acute medical services.  If the child has acute medical needs (meaning the suspected abuse has occurred within the past 96 hours), the child will be referred to an appropriate emergency provider for further evaluation. 

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